We tried tons of facials (we know, our jobs are hard) lớn bring you the treatments at Philadelphia spas and skin care shops that are actually worth the hype.

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Get one of the best Philadelphia facials at Nurture Spage authority. Photograph by Jeff Fusc

Sure, they’re relaxing, but with high-octane products, effective tools & expert techniques, these 22 hardworking treatments produce long-lasting results.

The KK Beauty Treatment

Epidedmy Skin CareMedical esthetician Edmy Peña took a cue from Kyên Kardashian’s routine for this combo service: Exfoliation comes from a resurfacing oxygen wand; tightening and new collagen come from radiofrequency and ultrasound; soothing comes from a mask; và the ahhh comes from a to-die-for massage. (Note: Epidedmy is moving lớn Rittenhouse soon.) $299; 1904 South Street, second floor, Grad Hospital.

Vivace Microneedling

About Face Skin CareThere’s regular microneedling, và then there’s this double-whammy treatment: Tiny needles create invisible wounds that collaren rushes to lớn heal, & radiofrequency aids in that process. (Adiós, large pores!) And owner Naongươi Fenlin (a Philly medi-spa làm đẹp pioneer) has education & experience in spades. $750; 1015 Chestnut Street, suite 1205, Washington Square West.

Deep-pore cleansing Facial with Acupuncture

Equilibrium SpaWith regular treatments, cosmetic acupuncture can give you serious wrinkle-erasing benefits sans injections. This version starts with an intense cleansing, exoliation and a mask from an esthetician before an acupuncturist steps in to strategically place tiny (painless) needles in just the right places. $150; 1038 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr.

Platinum HydraFacial

Nurture SpaOn its own, the HydraFacial — which uses a tool to lớn suchồng out debris và put good products in — is a wonder, but combined with extractions, toxin-release mas sa, an LED treatment (which makes everything more effective), và a series of corrective masks, it’s permanently skin-altering. $315. 31 West Ferry Street, New Hope.

Trifecta Peel

Avery GrahamElizabeth Carderelli, owner of this pristine medi-spa làm đẹp (she also creates products for Penn Med), says this is her favorite treatment for doing the most work in the least amount of time. The three-step peel removes roughly đôi mươi layers of dull, aging epidermis, which sounds intense but is surprisingly pleasant. (One mask tingles a bit; another smells like a cherry orchard.) Afterward, you won’t be able to stop stroking your soft, plumped-up face. Customized peels from $200; 2212 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.


CURE de ReposCURE Glow begins with a workout — light suction from facial cupping lớn plump skin, followed by microderm & an acid peel to exfoliate — and ends with a cooldown: a chilled hydrating mask massaged inkhổng lồ your face và décolletage. You’ll have sầu that just-worked-out glow, except all you did was relax. $175; 8133 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill.

CBS Ice Therapy facial

Contour Body StudioModels lượt thích Bella Hadid swear by ice cubes as beautification tools — & the experts at Contour Body Studio know why. This 45-minute facial uses a frozen gel (feels better than it sounds) khổng lồ stimulate collagene production & tone & tighten skin; a face-sculpting tool reduces inflammation. Topping off this cost-effective sầu treatment? A soothing all-natural mask. $80; 2930 Jasper Street, studio 202, Kensington.

Ionixlight Facial

Rescue SpaThe geniuses at Rescue took two of their most effective treatments & combined them to create this mother-of-all service. You’ll get immediate gratification from lifting electric microcurrents, intense exfoliation from the diamond abrasion, collaren production from LED lights, and deep hàng hóa infusion thanks to thermal ultrasound. It’s the busiest 90-minute facial you’ll ever have. $450; 1601 Walnut Street, third floor, Rittenhouse. 
Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

The Detox

Freedom ApothecaryKeep walking past the clean-beauty products (if you can!) lớn a baông chồng room where an esthetician is ready lớn put those potions to lớn work. After a gentle cleanse và custom mask, a Chinese gua sha mát xa tool is used to lớn encourage lymphatic drainage, break up pore congestion, & relax those areas where you carry bao tay. (Jaw-clenchers, this one’s for you.) $160; 736 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties.

The Super Rejuvenating Facial for Darker Skin Tones

Spage authority at Four Seasons Hotel PhiladelphiaThis service is all about renewal: Microdermabrasion instantly changes tone and texture; an intense massage — with potent Dr. Barbara Sturm products — sculpts & lifts; và finishing drops (sun, glow, anti-pollution) seal all that hard work in. $345 khổng lồ $375; 1 North 19th Street, Center City.

Hydrating Facial

BluemercuryWith an entire beauty store full of products khổng lồ choose from, you’ll get a facial that injects your skin with the moisture that’s right for you, be it a gentle hibiscus mask or an intense cycle of serums. Regardless, all treatments over with a Vi-Ta-Min A-, C- and E-infused oxyren mist. The end result is a dewy glow for days & clearer skin for much longer. $140; the Shoppes at Brinton Lake, 967 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills.

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The Ultimate Microdermabrasion

Cole Wellness SpaA paste of ground walnuts (which gets an extra boost from a suction pen) removes dulling dead layers, leaving skin primed for all the goodness that follows: enzyme creams, oxygene, LED lights và more. And the technicians here dispense invaluable, non-judge-y advice lớn boot. $225; 101 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne.

Cryo Facial Deluxe

Cryo PhiladelphiaAthletes, celebs và wellness obsessives regularly dip into lớn the cryo chamber because the cold reduces inflammation and puffiness & promotes healing. This service is like that, but for your face. The deluxe pháo version comes with a cleansing, an exfoliation, extractions & serums, but you can always stop by for a quickie tune-up blast of cold — you won’t even have sầu to lớn take off your makeup. $99; 1700 Sansom Street, suite 501, Rittenhouse.

The Excellence Code Facial

Spa on MainThis facial, designed by Parisian skin-care company Yon-Ka for “mature” skin, doesn’t just rely on luxury products lớn revitalize hormone-ravaged faces (though it features these in spades, from a biocelluthua thảm mask lớn cell-boosting serums). It also incorporates techniques like lymphatic drainage, contouring mát xa, và pressure-point targeting khổng lồ de-puff, de-wrinkle & reenergize skin. $199; 9 South Main Street, Yardley.

Enzyme Treatment

Currie Hair, Skin & NailsIf you think your skin is too sensitive for products that deliver real results, this service is for you. Food- và plant-based enzyme creams and masks (think pumpkin, cocoa, raspberry) add a ton of hydration, brighten dull skin, exfoliate, and reduce inflammation. Ask for Farhat Ahmed, who not only knows how to give an effective mát xa but can expertly shape your brows, too. $128; Glen Eagle Square, 585 Wilmington-West Chester Pike, Glen Mills.

The GlowGetter

Skin House Facial BarThis 90-minute service combines dermaplaning (the top layer of your skin is shaved, so products go deeper & regrowth occurs) with dermal infusion, a process that injects a corrective serum deep into lớn the skin. Your skin color will be more even, your texture will improve, và you’ll look lượt thích you just got 20 hours of sleep. $200; 1238 South Street, Bella Vista.

Vitamin C Facial

The Rittenhouse Spa & ClubIf you’ve sầu got sun damage or signs of premature aging (& who doesn’t, in these scorched-earth kết thúc times?), this hardworking infusion of vitamin C (in the form of peels, salves and more) will soften lines (even any under-eye caverns) và brighten everything up. The coma-inducing scalp mas sa is just a bonus. $155; 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Rittenhouse.

Oxygene Dome Facial

The Skin Rejuvenator Skin Care StudioCelebs regularly get this oxygene facial because the glow is instant & long-lasting & makeup glides right on afterward. First, skin is prepped (cleaned, exfoliated, perhaps dermaplaned); then a hyperbaric facial dome (not as scary as it sounds!) injects pure oxyren into the skin và lungs. A set of vitamins & minerals và hyaluronic serum is also added. Pores & fine lines? Buh-bye. $250; 110 South 20th Street, suite LL2, Rittenhouse.

Essential HydraFacial

Body + Beauty LabThis name-br& service is way more effective sầu than a plain old facial thanks to a machine that uses suction khổng lồ remove sầu all the stuff that’s gunking up your complexion và pressure to lớn put vitamins and hydrating serums deep into lớn those newly cleaned-out pores. The facialists here bởi vì dozens of these a week — they all know their stuff. $189; 834 Chestnut Street, suite 104, Washington Square West.

50-Minute Facial

Heyday RittenhouseYou won’t find a mile-long thực đơn of facials here. Instead, you’ll select a 30-, 50- or 75-minute time slot, answer a lot of questions about your skin routine, và hop in the chair for an effective, fully customized treatment. And forget the stuffy silence that pervades many high-kết thúc spas; your skin therapist will talk you through every step và dole out many skin-altering tips. $95; 1735 Chestnut Street, Center City.

Gua Sha Facial

Village WellnessA Buddha statue greets you outside this unpretentious space where skin savior Courtney Cavanagh is waiting. She uses natural products & research-backed holistic methods like gua sha (the process of using a mas sa tool lớn turn over skin), plus add-ons like microcurrents (to jump-start sagging muscles) & LED light therapy (to lớn target acne, aging or discoloration). $150, with $15 khổng lồ $55 for add-ons; 6 Waterloo Avenue, Berwyn.

CBD Facial

Le Reve sầu Rittenhouse Day SpaYou know what makes skin better? Not being so damned stressed. That’s where CBD oil comes into play in this soothing, smoothing facial that also does wonders for ruddiness. And thanks to lớn a swipe of the Biolift machine — which gently zaps your epidermis with microcurrents — you’ll be tighter, too. $150; 255 South 17th Street, suite 400, Rittenhouse.Published as “Get the Glow” in the February 20đôi mươi issue of Philadelphia magazine.