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Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Please choose a different date.HIGH LIGHTS: CABLE CAR - AQUATOPIA WATER PARK - MONG TAY ISLAND - GAM GHI ISLAND - MAY RUT ISLAND - THOM ISLANDItinerary: 8:30 pichồng you up at the hotel- Arrive sầu An Thoi port – get on the speedboat+ Mong Tay Island: swimming+ Gam Ghi Island: snorkeling at the coral reef+ May Rut Island: Trắng sand lagoon – chất lượng chill out+ Have lunch on the island (8 dishes + fresh seafood)+ Sea walker (self-expense): New type of service in Phu Quoc Island+ Enjoy Aquatopia water park with more than 20 thrilling games at Thom Island- Baông xã on the cable car in 25min – enjoy the sunphối – Amazing sea view và beautiful islands from above- 17:00 Return khổng lồ your hotelJust had the mango and avocavì chưng full body thing. Fell asleep. Still it was Good especially after being sunburnt. Ms Mai she did mas sa for us .The damn frogs inside there bark so loud it may be difficult for some lớn relax.This place is amazing. I started off with a 60 minute Vietnamese relaxation massage & it was so good I then had a 30 minute foot massage! I am so relaxed- pretty sure I fell asleep during my body mas sa. My masseuse (young male- I don’t know his name) was incredible- he is very skilled and does a great job. The place is also clean, cool & has excellent service. The prices are great too. It cost me VND295,200 (about AUD$17) for the hour toàn thân mát xa và VND110000 for the 30 min foot mát xa (about AU$6.50). Both were excellent.

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This is the best massage I’ve had in Asia- và also was better than the majority I’ve had elsewhere around the world- including my home page town of Melbourne, Australia. …Thank you very much for your great comments, i hope you come bachồng viet nam again và relaxing at our spa.I had the detox facial & foot treatment, was amazing! Felt super relaxed & she pretty much did my whole body! They open from 10am and not sure when they cchiến bại sorry!I ordered the 1 hour Scrub procedure from their body toàn thân treatment menu. But the staff in Royal Spage authority don’t speak English so they weren’t able lớn explain what they use for scrubbing, eventually they mentioned words “scrub” & “coconut oil”. I gave up trying lớn ask và just consented to lớn the procedure. As someone who tried different types of scrubs và peelings in Asia before I mistakenly assumed that “scrub” meant scrub and “coconut oil” meant skin nourishing treatment afterwards. How wrong I was! First of all they don’t have disposable underwear as they vì chưng in other spas. Even the small và cheap one on the main road offered disposable bottoms! So you just lie there with no underwear và your legs spread wide while two masseuses are laughing and chatting with each other nonstop. The mas sa lady started lightly stroking & wetting my whole body toàn thân with some liquid and I was waiting for scrubbing khổng lồ begin but then it was all over. It was neither a mas sa nor a scrub! And the liquid she used wasn’t even coconut oil! It was regular water with a very slight addition of oil and it wasn’t even slippery. When I asked them what about scrubbing and showed them trắng pieces of dry skin sticking out on my arms they just said “yes, scrub”... I later rubbed that dry skin off with a regular towel after shower. After my husb& paid for his mild Swedish mas sa that he asked khổng lồ be strong và for my Water “Scrub” they asked for tips. Really??…