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The Mi Band 6 handles the basics well, & that"s what we expect out of a device at this price point.

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Xiaomày has another hit on its hands with the Mi B& 6. It"s a good, basic fitness tracker, & modern features like blood oxygene tracking & a bigger AMOLED display help make the sub-€50 price tag even more enticing.Xiaomày is heading in the right direction with the Mi B& line, though it shouldn"t rest on its laurels. Competition from Huami và Huawei is heating up, and we may not see the Mi B& line at the top for long.01Xiaomày Mi Bvà 6 overview02Design03Health/fitness tracking04The app05Smartwatch features06Specs07Value08VerdictEach year, Xiaomày adds a handful of new features khổng lồ its Mi B& line. And each year, the company is able to keep its cost down under €50. The Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 6 is no different, gaining modern features like a bigger display và blood oxyren tracking. But other competitors are catching up to Xiaomi’s lead in the sub-€50 fitness tracker space, sometimes offering more for the price. Read our full Xiaomày Mi B& 6 Reviews khổng lồ see if this is the cheap fitness tracker you’re looking for.About this Xiaomày Mi Band 6 review: I used the Xiaomày Mi Bvà 6 for seven days running software version It was connected to lớn my Google Pixel 5 throughout the testing period. The Xiaongươi Mi Band 6 Đánh Giá unit was provided to lớn Android Authority by Xiaomày.

Update, July 2021: This Xiaongươi Mi Band 6 review has been updated with the lademo information on software updates & pricing.


Xiaongươi Mi Band 6 (global, no NFC): €44.99 (~$53)Xiaomi Mi B& 6 (China, no NFC): 229 yuan (~$35)Xiaongươi Mi Bvà 6 (Đài Loan Trung Quốc, NFC): 279 yuan (~$42)The Xiaongươi Mi B& 6 (aka Xiaongươi Mi Smart Band 6 in some regions) is Xiaomi’s flagship fitness tracker for 2021. True to lớn size, the Mi Bvà 6 offers more features than you’d expect for a sub-€50 wearable.

New features include a bigger AMOLED display, more than double the activity tracking modes, blood oxygen monitoring, and breathing quality assessments during sleep. Those features alone may not make existing Mi Band 5 (or even Mi Band 4) users want to lớn nâng cấp, but they may be just enough to get people to lớn consider Xiaomi’s offering over the cheapest Fitbit.

However, Xiaomi’s Mi Bands are no longer shoo-ins for the best cheap fitness tracker crown. That may have sầu been the case for the last few years, but now companies like Amazfit offer alternatives khổng lồ the Mi Band that can also deliver on the basics.

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The Mi Bvà 6 isn’t yet available in all regions. Based on the Mi Bvà 5’s availability, we can assume the Mi Bvà 6 will come to lớn most parts of the world and possibly India at a later date. It likely won’t see an official launch in the US, but that shouldn’t stop you from importing one from an international retailer lượt thích Amazon. Where it is available, it comes in six colorways: Blachồng, Orange, Yellow, Olive sầu, Ivory, and Blue.

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The Xiaongươi Mi B& 6’s thiết kế is essentially unchanged from the previous two generations of Mi Bands. It’s made of a small tracker module that fits inlớn a thin silicone strap. The blaông xã Mã Sản Phẩm of our Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Đánh Giá unit isn’t all that eye-catching, but there are plenty of third-tiệc nhỏ options available around the internet.

The strap that comes with the Mi B& 6 feels okay. It’s soft & doesn’t collect dust or hair, which is always a win. I’m not a huge fan of the pin-in-hole buckle, but I know many people prefer them. Also, the Mi B& 6 works with Mi Bvà 5 bands (và vice versa). So, Mi Band 5 owners can use their existing straps if they nâng cấp khổng lồ the 6.

The one big improvement on the design front is the upgraded display. The Xiaongươi Mi B& 6 boasts a much larger 1.56-inch AMOLED display, which is 50% bigger than the Mi Band 5’s 1.1-inch screen. The display nearly spans lớn the edge of the case & makes the fitness tracker look much more modern.

Unfortunately, there’s no ambient light sensor. The display gets plenty bright, even when viewing it outdoors in direct sunlight. Still, you might find yourself manually adjusting the display brightness if you’re transitioning between darker and lighter environments.

There are well over 100 watch faces available for the Mi Bvà 6. Fewer than 10 are customizable, và the majority of the watch faces are themed with cutesy anime characters. Honestly, I really struggled khổng lồ find a watch face that wasn’t tacky.

Battery life is never an issue for Mi Bands, & that’s also true for the Mi B& 6. Xiaomi claims the fitness tracker can last 14 days on a single charge with “normal” usage. That’s certainly possible if you’re only using the most basic functions, but it hasn’t been my experience.

Many of the Mi Band 6’s features drain the battery quickly. Turning on Xiaomi’s new breathing score feature, all-day bít tất tay monitoring, or increasing the frequency of resting heart rate readings all affect battery life and don’t constitute “normal” usage. This is a review, so I had all those things turned on. Realistically, I’d say most people will be able to get just over a week out of the Mi Bvà 6’s battery if they plan on using all the new features.