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All of us here at Aster Blue underst& it has been a difficult year for everyone & we are hoping khổng lồ move forward inkhổng lồ a happier and healthier year.

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Some of our staff & clients will continue to wear masks, some will not. We will leave sầu that up to lớn each individual, respecting one another's health choices without judgement.

Aster Blue will not ask our staff or clients to discđại bại personal information regarding vaccinations/shots/immunization và ask our clients lớn vị the same of our staff.

We will only continue lớn ask for medical history pertinent lớn receiving Massage và Float Therapy. We will continue to lớn take temperatures & ask our clients to reschedule appointment's if they are feeling unwell.

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Aster Blue, as always, will continue khổng lồ follow sanitation protocols.

We appreciate our community immensely and look forward lớn an amazing year ahead!


Dreaming in colors borrowed from the sea...Ever wonder why a great beach day makes you feel so good? While in the Float Pod, everything is tuned out allowing your senses to lớn engage completely. Your toàn thân và mind will embrace an overall perception of ease. Keying in to the feelings of that great beach day, reclining in your most comfortable beach chair, toes in the s&, the scent of the sea air & the warmth of the sun kissing your cheeks. Visualizing these moments while floating, Aster Blue Spage authority recreates the sensation of letting go of the outside world and soaking in your current surroundings.

Escapewith yoursenses
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Lobby Photo Aster Blue Float
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Monday-Tuesday: 10am-7pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 12pm-8pm

Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: By Appointment Only

Our Location
407 W Lacey Rd. Forked River, NJ 08731


Please call 609-290-9324 or message us on Facebook or Instagram khổng lồ book appointments.