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Vật phđộ ẩm này bị xóa vị đang phạm luật Hướng dẫn cộng đồng cùng ngôn từ Steam. Bạn là fan độc nhất có thể thấy được trang bị phđộ ẩm này. Nếu bạn tin rằng thiết bị phđộ ẩm của mình bị xóa nhầm thì xin phấn kích contact đội cung cấp Steam.

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Vật phẩm này sẽ không cân xứng cùng với Cities: Skylines. Hãy coi trang gợi ý để tìm hiểu nguyên ổn nhân vì sao thiết bị phẩm này rất có thể không dùng được trong Cities: Skylines.

Run the game with "--noWorkshop" (without the quote marks) as the launch parameter under Steam > library > Rightcliông xã on Cities Skylines > Properties > Set Launch Options. If the game works fine, check your mods.
Windows updates have a habit of corrupting the videothẻ driver. If your game stops working after a Windows update, reinstall your videocard driver.
Always quit to the desktop between loads! This is a Unity game. Which means you can’t vì a second load if you gian lận the game. A second-load is loading another map/save sầu when one has been loaded before in the current session, including after quitting lớn the main menu. The game loads mods in two halves, one part on the Paradox biệu tượng công ty, & one part during the loading screen. By loading a second time, the game forces mods lớn load themselves twice, which causes problems.
"Save sầu often & in different slots." The oldest mantra in gaming history. This should be basic common sense, but apparently it"s not. Make them incremental, so city_1, city_2, city_3, etc. Don"t rely on one or two saves, they can become corrupted very easily, & you don"t want to lớn thua trận your entire city just because you only have one save sầu.
The main issues at the moment: The new DLC"s don"t show up in my game.Make sure you"re using the most recent version of the Loading Screen Mod. the hack has been updated và now loads the new nội dung. Steam won"t download workshop nội dung. / "Missing Downloaded Files" error.In the Steam Client, kiểm tra the Downloads page. Is the tải về stuông xã there? Perhaps with a "Missing Downloaded Files" error?If so, that happens on occasion, it"s a corrupted temp download tệp tin. If you"ve sầu got the Missing Downloaded Files error, try this. Usually wteps 1-4 are sufficient:1. Cthảm bại down steam completely (so Steam > Exit in the upper left menu),2. go khổng lồ C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshop.3. Delete the Downloads thư mục.4. Then restart Steam. Resume the download if needed.If that didn"t help:5. Hover over the "Missing Download Files" text and note the Steam ID. (the string of numbers).6. Repeat step 1 & 2.7. Open the 255710 folder.8. Delete the thư mục with the mod"s SteamID.9. Repeat step 3 & 4.This will not affect your game, saves or workshop items. All you"ll be deleting is a temporary tệp tin that"s stored during the tải về. Normally this tệp tin is moved to the Workshop folder once completed, but because it"s corrupt Steam doesn"t recognize it and it stays in the Downloads thư mục. trò chơi crashes before the main menuIf you have Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace installed, uninstall it. The receiver installs its own virtual videothẻ adapter, which screws up Unity games.This is NOT a problem with the game, & NOT something for Paradox or colossal Order khổng lồ fix. The only option is khổng lồ uninstall it & reinstall it without the virtual GPU component. The Citrix devs are aware of it, but since it"s mostly a business program (& notorious for being rubbish), I doubt we"ll see a fix before 20đôi mươi 2021 2022. (Citrix Workspace is the new name for Citrix Receiver.)RivaTuner Statistics Server is also known lớn cause this.
Error Logs
The game creates an error log and an output log on crashes, and keeps an output log for everything it does. If you get a crash or an error in the game, always kiểm tra the output log. For a full crash: Logs location after a crash: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCities_Skylines31 Thg12, 1969
4:00pmFor an error: When you get the error, DO NOT QUIT THE GAME. The second the error appears, leave sầu it be, immediately alt+tab out of the game và locate the output log. This is an active log of everything that happens in the game, and if you vì chưng anything else, the error will be impossible to find. Make a copy of the file khổng lồ your desktop or some other thư mục. General output_log.txt is located in:C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCities_SkylinesCities_Data Apple: Users//Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.logGame crashes on Exit
If you use mods, the game will probably crash when you use the "Exit Game" option. This is completely normal, và nothing lớn worry about. Steam or The Workcửa hàng won"t loadAlways check first to see the status of the Steam Servers. All my custom content is missing/disabled!Yea, that happens. When you quit the game, Steam updates itself, or if you subscribe/unsubscribe khổng lồ a lot of worksiêu thị content, the file that contains all the information on which mods are enabled or disabled can become corrupted. The game wipes the tệp tin & leaves it as 0kb, at which point Windows automatically deletes it as a broken tệp tin. There"s nothing you can bởi vì to lớn prevent that. from happening.This file is userGameState.cgs, located in %localappdata%Colossal OrderCities_Skylines. If it happens a lot, you can make a backup of the file (so long as it"s more than 0KB it"s intact). If the game boots without everything enabled, you quit the game, copy the backup bachồng inlớn the thư mục, and re-launch the game. If you"ve added any new workcửa hàng items since you made the backup, you will have sầu to manually re-enable those. lưu ý that this may corrupt the file again. Mod related errors after load, missing concrete, etcIf you use mods, don"t perform a second-load. Always quit lớn the desktop between loads. A second-load is loading another map/save sầu when one has been loaded before in the current session, including after quitting khổng lồ the main menu. The game loads mods in two halves, one part on the Paradox logo sản phẩm, và one part during the loading screen. By loading a second time, the game forces mods khổng lồ load themselves twice, which causes problems.Error: trò chơi is not available on your current platformCities Skylines can only run on x64(64bit) systems. x86(32bit) systems can not run the game! The only way to lớn change a 32bit to a 64bit OS is lớn reinstall Windows with the 64bit version of Windows. Error: Cities.exe pháo has stopped workingCheông xã the error logs in the folder with the date và time of the crash. There’s a good chance you ran out of RAM. All assets, both custom and vanilla, are loaded inlớn the RAM on game load, and remain there the entire session. You will need lớn reduce the number of subscribed custom assets, or buy more RAM.
If your paging file is set to 0/off, turn it baông xã ON. This game needs the paging tệp tin to lớn run properly!
Lowering the Texture Quality setting also reduces RAM usage. If neither of the above options are possible, try lowering the Texture Quality before loading a city. (This downsamples the texture files, and thus uses less RAM. Don"t change it bachồng inside the game, it"ll just freeze as it reloads all of the higher resolution ones into the RAM.)Error: Object reference not mix lớn an instance of an object
Immediately alt+tab lớn the desktop and kiểm tra the Output_log.txt in Cities_Data. Scroll all the way to the end và check the matching error. Warning: You can no longer install RICO Leisure/Tourism buildings if you bởi vì not have the After Dark DLC!!!!!! Doing so will break your game! Error: Array index is out of range Immediately alt+tab lớn the desktop and check the Output_log.txt in Cities_Data. Scroll all the way khổng lồ the over and check the matching error. Error: Broken Assets - LOD has too many verticesThe 1.3.0 update added a limit to lớn the LOD. Old assets that go over that limit vị not work. The original creator needs lớn fix this, there is nothing you can vì chưng. Unsubscribe the asset, it won’t work until it’s fixed. To locate the asset: The error tells you exactly which asmix is too highly detailed & won"t work. The name of the asmix is literally in the error. That string of numbers is the SteamID.Just copy the error, paste it in Notepad, then copy the string of numbers. Open the worksiêu thị (in your browser), open any workshop thành công, & replace the string of numbers at the end with the one from the error. That"ll take you straight lớn it. Unsub and problem solved.

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The game won"t launch at all
Add Cities.exe to lớn the exceptions in your Antivirut program.(Also: "trò chơi disappears after I cliông chồng Play") Game crashes before the main menuIf you have Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace installed, uninstall it. The receiver installs its own virtual videocard adapter, which screws up Unity games. The only option is khổng lồ uninstall it. The Citrix devs are aware of it, but since it"s mostly a business program (and notorious for being rubbish), I doubt we"ll see a fix before 20trăng tròn. (Citrix Workspace is the new name for Citrix Receiver.)RivaTuner Statistics Server is also known to cause this. Disable it.Can’t get past the loading ScreenPlease kiểm tra your mods against this menu of incompatible mods. If this is the second time you"re loading something inside the game, quit to lớn the desktop & restart the game. See "Mod related errors after load" under the "Errors" section. Blaông chồng screen on loadingIf your game stops working after a Windows update, reinstall your videocard driver. Windows updates have sầu a habit of corrupting the videothẻ driver.The game crashes after it finished loading the gameCheck the logs. The most comtháng cause is not having enough RAM. You’ll either need more RAM, or less assets. Steam doesn’t workAlways check if Steam is having issues.The Steam Community Servers (which house the Workshop) undergo scheduled maintenance every Tuesday-to-Wednesday night around 00:00 (GMT, London time). If there"s a Steam Sale ongoing, the servers are notoriously unstable. You can"t fix this, all you can bởi is wait. The game stops loading halfwayUsually happens when you have two versions of Network Extensions installed, or Traffic++V2. Uninstall Traffic++V2 and the old version of Network Extensions. Disabling is not enough, parts of their code still run. If this is the second time you"re loading something inside the game, quit khổng lồ the desktop & restart the game. See "Mod related errors after load" under the "Errors" section. Game still won"t load properly after all the above sầu.Try reverifying the game files. mở cửa the Steam Client > Library > Rightcliông xã on Cities Skylines > Properties > Local Files > clichồng on Verify integrity of game files. Loading takes hoursUse the Loading Screen Mod. The game normally only uses one CPU core to load everything. Loading Screen Mod enables multicore loading. The game loads every mesh và texture for each building, including identical ones. So if 20 assets use the same texture và mesh of 10MB, it loads 200MB. The Loading Screen Mod allows buildings khổng lồ share one instance of those, so it only loads 10MB once then links it lớn each file.
Why can"t I get 60fps? runs perfectly!
Forget 60fps. It"s not going to lớn happen. This is a static antfarm game. Not a shooter. You don"t need more than 25fps.This game is a simulator. That means it has to calculate và render every unit và item in this game at all times. Any other type of game it only bothers khổng lồ render và calculate the current cấp độ you"re playing, & the enemies on that specific cấp độ. And if you add mods and custom content? The fps will drop further the more you add. In other genres you get roughly 10-30 bots in the active sầu area at once. This game? 16.000 vehicles, 65.000 citizen, 1.000.000 trees, 49.000 buildings....Even Pizz Daint and TaihuLight would struggle with the game, because it"s a simulator & it runs on Unity. Yes, Unity is an issue, but the real problem is the genre, not just the engine.A game like this has lớn render and calculate the entire game at once, all the time. There is no commercial hardware available that can handle that. 60fps isn"t going to lớn happen. You"ll be lucky to get 25fps. Get over it.
Strange graphical artifacts across the screen or extremely low FPS
Your system likely has an IntelHD or Radeon R5. This is an integrated GPU, & those are too weak. Give the dx9 launch parameter a try. It might lower it down enough lớn be able lớn run. Apple users will need to lớn use OpenGL instead, as new OSX versions don’t play nice with DirectX at all. For Windows: Add "-force-d3d9" (without the quote marks) under Steam > library >rightcliông xã on Cities Skylines > Properties > Set Launch Options.For Apple: Add "-force-glcore" (without the quote marks) under Steam > library >rightcliông chồng on Cities Skylines > Properties > Set Launch Options.Blurry ScreenThey changed the Tilt Shift option lớn Depth Of Field in the 1.2.0 update, and added a few modes to it. By mặc định it"s phối way up on the new mode. This turns the entire screen into one massive sầu blur. Set the Depth of Field option lớn Legacy, và turn it all the way down. If you have sầu any camera mods, those also cause issues with the Depth Of Field settings. Turning the game"s DoF setting all the way down fixes the problem there as well.Blue screen without city Every update generally breaks the Dynamic Resolution gian lận. Please disable it until it is fixed. Cheông xã the mod"s mô tả tìm kiếm for updates.No soundThis happens on some systems. There is no definitive answer, but here are a few things to lớn try: Disable all audio managers. This includes ASUS Sonic Studio, Alienware Sound và other such programs. (Realtek Audio is fine, that"s your main driver. Leave that enabled.) Disable Steam Streaming Speakers under your system"s Sound Settings. Reinstall your Audio Driver. Especially after a Windows Update. Cheông chồng your sound settings. Rightclichồng on the audio inhỏ in the taskbar > mở cửa Volume Mixer > Scroll khổng lồ Cities Skylines & check the slider. Change the Audio Depth khổng lồ 16 bit. Go to lớn your system"s or driver"s audio settings > Advanced > change the depth to lớn 16 bit, 44.1kHz. Save, then reboot your computer.
Can"t tốc độ up. Speed 2x & 3x don"t work.
The game has reached the limits of your CPU. When this happens depends entirely on how powerful your CPU is. If you use heavy mods, or run something in the background, you will reach this limit sooner. Even the most powerful CPU has this limit. Nothing can be done about it.FPS drops when opening beautification tabRemove sầu the More Beautification mod. The 1.10 patch changed the way thumbnails are generated. Every time you open one of the tabs in the beautification panel, the game generates all the thumbnails. Use Find It! instead. Population dropThis game suffers from something we call Death Waves. You need to lớn zone residential areas in small sections at a time lớn avoid them. The problem is that Cims all move sầu in at the same age, and die at the same age. There is no dynamic lifespan in the base game. If you zone an entire neighbourhood of 1000 people at once, those 1000 people will also die at once. New residents also won"t move in until the dead people have sầu been removed from the house. Freeze on saveDo NOT cliông xã the mouse when the game hangs. Often it hasn"t actually crashed, Windows just thinks it has. Savegames in CSL are pretty big, and it has khổng lồ write several dozen MB"s to lớn an already maxed out system. Using the Steam Cloud can make things worse.Floating treesThe Tree Snapping gian lận is not compatible with the Unlimited Trees hack. Using the two together causes your forests to fly. Remove one of the two. All buildings are marked as HistoricalPlop The Growables was updated, & now has the following option phối as default: Make All Historical This option is ON by default. It makes all the growables in the game historical. This means they can cấp độ up but will not change appearance.To restore the old system, turn the option off, then quit và relaunch your game. Read the mod"s description for more information. No Depots FoundSave sầu và restart the game. It"s a bug that we got in a recent version of the game. By restarting và reloading, the game rechecks the buildings and the depots you"ve sầu placed will be recognized. Snow icons on roads in non-winter maps This is caused by loading custom snowplough vehicles inlớn non-winter biomes. Unsibscribe them before loading a non-winter map/save sầu. How bởi zones & Dem& work(Also: "Demvà is low")There are 4 types of demand in the base game: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Production và Office. The last two are both represented by the yellow Industrial bar. Residential demand is generated by is people wanting to lớn move in. This comes first. Once people move sầu in, they need groceries. This raises the Commercial dem&. Once shops grow, they need supplies. This is where Industrial Production comes in, producing Goods. Production needs workers. This brings in new people, & causes Residential Demand khổng lồ rise. Once your city becomes more educated, people are going to lớn start demanding Trắng collar jobs. This causes the Office demvà to rise. There isn"t a solid calculation for how much dem& each generates, due khổng lồ the varying size of houses & number of workspaces per building. If nobody wants khổng lồ move sầu in, make sure there are enough jobs available for them. Can"t zone on your roads The mods New Roads For Network Extension 2, & Network Extensions Project, are boken và completely dead. Step 1. Load the game with the mods enabled. No, you can"t zone. Step 2. Remove/replace all the roads from New Roads For Network Extension 2. You can try the Road Removal Tool thủ thuật. (You"ll be replacing NEP. for its follow up gian lận, so those can stay.)Step 3. Save sầu the game. Step 4. Quit the game lớn the desktop. Step 5. Unsubscribe New Roads For Network Extension 2, và Network Extensions Project. Step 6. Subscribe lớn the Network Extensions 2 gian lận. Step 7. Restart the game, then load the new save.
Disable all mods you don"t need before going in the editor. Most mods are not meant for the editors & can cause all sorts of problems. Missing tabs in Editor
This is caused by the Ploppable RICO thủ thuật. This gian lận is not meant for the Editor, and should be disabled before opening one of the editors. (Also: "UI missing in Editor") Low framerate in EditorDisable Ultimate Eyecandy before opening one of the editors. (Also: Editor is slow)Part of the screen unresponsive in EditorTurn off Network Skins before opening one of the editors.
How vị I use custom content?
Please follow the guide: Cities Skylines | A Beginner"s Guide To Using Mods & Custom ContentRecommended mods for new playersThe abovementioned Beginner"s Guide has a comprehensive sầu các mục of recommended mods. There is also Avanya’s “Must Have” Guide, and my collection of Must-Have sầu Mods for Beginners Loading Screen Mod: Missing content?The orange ones that appear on the left are missing props và trees. Missing props bởi not cause problems. They just don"t appear on the actual building. So if you don"t subscribe khổng lồ a hình ảnh sản phẩm, the building will still work, just without the logo.When they are missing, they vì not use system resources; if you subscribe to them, they will use RAM. The ones in red as failed are a problem you need to lớn fix. Loading Screen Mod in the EditorYou can enable the Loading Screen Mod in the Editors by holding the left CTRL key pressed when you cliông xã the final button khổng lồ launch the editor.Loading Screen Mod LoggingYou can enable the log for the Loading Screen Mod in its settings. It"ll create a .htm file every time you load. When you open that tệp tin in a browser, you can check what the problem is và go directly to the file.Log location is listed in the options. It"s C:UsersAppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesReportLoadingScreenModLocating and removing unused assets There is a fairly easy way to see which assets aren"t in use. All you need is the Loading Screen Mod. Enable the log in the Loading Screen Mod. Load your most recent save. Once the đô thị has loaded, quit the game. Go to lớn the folder with the Loading Screen Mod logs. (usually C:UsersAppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesReports) Locate the log file. If there are more because the options was already enabled, select the most recent one. (sort by date is easiest) Open the tệp tin in your browser. Scroll down until you get to "The following loaded assets are currently unnecessary (not used in this city)" These are all the items you haven"t used. Cliông chồng the name of any asphối khổng lồ be taken directly to the worksiêu thị page, where you can unsubscribe. cảnh báo that props, trees and decals placed by hand are NOT counted as in use. So be careful with those, as it only sees the ones included in buildings as "in use". Buildings/Parks, Props/Decals, Trees, & Vehicles, are all listed seperately. Can you recommover some good mods khổng lồ get?Avanya"s collections of Must Have sầu Mods are a good place to lớn start. here are my collections of Must Have Mods: Tiles hack performanceThere is no significant performance difference between 9, 25 và 81 tiles. The entire 81 tile maps is already loaded, calculated and rendered at all times without the mods, even when you"re not looking at it và only have sầu the starting tile unlocked. Unlocking them makes no difference other than removing the area boundary.The hack will slow down your system only while unlocking the tiles. Which is normal, because it"s running a script.Any performance change after the unlocking comes from the player constructing more assets adding more citizens & creating more traffic than before it was unlocked.RICO LocalLocally created RICO settings are stored in the game"s main directory. (where cities.exe is). Rico settings for buildings that came with RICO settings have a seperate .xml file inside their asphối thư mục under steamappsworkshop255710. You vị not need to create local settings for them inside the game!!!!!
Prop It Up reset
All settings are saved in C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCities_SkylinesCSL_PropItUp.xml. You can either open it in any text editor và delete the specific entry or you can simply delete the entire .xml file to lớn remix all Prop It Up settings. The game then creates the tệp tin anew.Building Themes resetAll settings are saved in C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCities_SkylinesBuildingThemes.xml. You can either open it in any text editor và delete the specific entry or you can simply delete the entire .xml file to rephối all Prop It Up settings. The game then creates the tệp tin anew.Network Skins và Surface Painter have sầu remix themselvesThis happens if you subscribe và unsubscribe workcửa hàng items whilst the game is running. Quit the game completely before subscribing/unsubscribing workcửa hàng nội dung.Surfaces from the Ploppable Asphalt+ hack that have been converted lớn Procedural Objects sometimes disappear on load. Cause: Incorrect load order. Procedural Objects thủ thuật attempts to lớn create PO items made from PA+ surfaces that haven"t been loaded yet.Possible fixes: - Move PA+ khổng lồ your local mods thư mục so it loads first (all local mods load first before workcửa hàng mods)- Unsubscribe và resubscribe khổng lồ PO so it loads last (the most recently subbed/updated mods load last)- Use the Load Order Mod altrộn và make sure PO loads last(Thanks Pewex for identifying the fix & kjmci for the guide entry!)
Currently incompatible mods + replacements that are usually the cause of problems. Disabling them is not enough! You must uninstall the old version! I"ve sầu started keeping a menu of broken & incompatible mods in Google Drive. Use this các mục to lớn kiểm tra if you have sầu any broken/dead/incompatible mods. (copy the URL, because steam"s link filter is not the smarkiểm tra biscuit in the tin, & considers all google docs link evil.