Support for multiple 3D parts and 3D tubes using AutoNest batch processing:-Import and unfold 3D part files, for a direct automatic workflow from 3D part files to NC files-Import 3D tube files, for a direct automatic workflow from 3D tube files to NC filesAutoNest automatically removes punches on sheet edgeApply changes to selected instances in AutoNest by clicking or dragging a window over themManage your materials in the JobTrack material databaseIntegration tools: JobTrack to customer’s ERPEdit single part estimations in Daily Job’s estimation viewerLimit the path to orthogonal lines when adjusting the travel path for punchAdd a sheet cut without snapping to edgeCreate multiple sheet cutsRectangular Part dialog box supports library parts

For a full list of new features in V17, do.w.n.lo.ad the What’s New document.

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cncKad offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for CNC punch, laser, plasma, flame, water, shear, coil, busbar, and combination machines, including support for sorting and stacking devices attached to your machine. Advanced technology combines design, automatic and manual processing, automatic and manual nesting, efficient NC generation, graphic simulation, and machine communication (DNC).cncKad is the only system that integrates CAD/CAM capabilities in the same module. Geometry, dimensions, and technology (punching/cutting) are completely associative; when you modify the geometry, cncKad automatically updates the dimensions and punching or cutting definitions.

More than 1300 different machine models from over 160 manufacturers have been driven by cncKad to date, and more are added as needed. This powerful solution also ports parts from one technology or machine type to another, such as from punch to laser.

cncKad, with a modular and responsive ribbon interface, features these advanced technologies:

DraftingImporting file types including DXF and DWGToolingNestingPart handlingMaterial based cutting tablesCommon line cuttingWireJoint and MicroJoint positioningTool path optimizationEstimation dataTube cutting, simulated in 3DSupport for laser/ plasma/ punch/ shear/ coil/ busbar/ water/ combination machine types

Drafting – powerful, yet easy to use, 2D Drafting module, with a full set of drafting tools and special sheet-metal drafting aids including: notching, chamfering, filleting, automatic detection and correction of unclosed contours, shape recognition, geometry validation, and utilizing true-type fonts.

Processing – automatic and interactive graphical processing for Punch, Laser, Plasma, Water Jet andFlame technologies including: automatic reposition, clamp-avoidance, stripes, trimming, support for Wilson Wheel family, minimizing tool rotation, and detailed data reports. This module supports also auto-punch, auto-cut, special tools, auto-index, reposition, and common cuts.

AutoNest – Automatic “true-shape” Nesting for optimal material utilization, including: interactivity, grouping, grill, hole-filling, multiple-sheets, automatic DXF to NC solution, and detailed data reports.

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Post-Processing – advanced Post-processors generate efficient NC code including: macros, optimized tool path, minimal turret rotation, and support for machine operations such as oiling, vacuum and ram-rate.

Simulation – Graphic Simulation of NC program enables easy editing while viewing the processed sheet. The program is automatically checked for errors, such as: missing parameters, clamp errors, over-travel errors, and more.The “NC to DFT” option enables importing legacy NC programs and simulating them as well.

DNC – the DNC module supports uploading and do.w.n.lo.ading of NC files to machine as well as support for batch loading and extracting NC files from the machine controller.

Multi-language support – except for English, the software is available in various languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Taiwanese, Thai and Turkish.

cncKad also offers Parametric Programming, advanced processing technologies and support for a wide range of machines.